Apex Locator & Diagnostic Unit Elements by SybronEndo *Refurbished*

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Apex Locator & Diagnostic Unit Elements Model by SybronEndo 

When you're doing a root canal, you need to get to the point, the apex, predictably, efficiently and accurately.

Features:                                                                 Benefits:

Auto-power off                                                          Conserves battery life
Full-range audio speakers                                          Eliminate annoying beeps
Nonglare tilt screen with digital and graphical feedback Large & Easy to Read
Autoclavable medical-grade cords and connectors        Durable & Easy to Clean
Probes are gold plated                                               Resists micro-corrosion
Automatic calibration                                                 Accurate diagnosis
Advanced battery technology                                      Longest life between charges
Vitality Scanner                                                         Provides pain-free electric pulp testing