Instrumentarium Orthoceph OC100 Digital Pan/Ceph with Sensor *Refurbished*

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Instrumentarium Orthoceph OC100 Digital Pan/Ceph - Model: INS-PANO05 With Sensor

Dimensions: 86.5" H x 14.6" W x 39" D

Item has outstanding image quality, versatile panoramic and TMJ imaging programs, computer-controlled operation advanced.

Automatic Exposure Control (AEC), operation selectable from left/right side, and exclusive Quality Assurance program for checking film processing.

Orthopantomograph OP100 D is software controlled diagnostic panoramic dental x-ray equipment for producing high quality digital images of dentition, TM-joints and skull. In order to take images with OP100 D you need a suitable PC hardware connected to the OP100 D unit and CliniView software to handle images.

Orthopantomograp OP100 D can perform the following procedures:

• Standard panoramic exposure

• Pediatric panoramic exposure

• Ortho Zone panoramic exposure or

• Wide layer panoramic exposure (optional)

• Orthogonal panoramic exposure

• Maxillary sinus

• TMJ, lateral projection or

• Ortho TMJ axial corrected lateral projection (optional)

• TMJ, PA projection

This Unit is the Orthoceph OC100 D and is a more equipped x-ray unit with cephalometric exposure option. In addition to the OP100 D functions OC100 D can perform the following cephalometric procedures:

• Lateral view

• Posterior-anterior (PA) and anterior-posterior (AP) views