Gendex Orthoralix 8500 DDE Digital Dental X-Ray *Refurbished*

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Newer Model Gendex Orthoralix 8500 DDE Digital Dental X-Ray 

Unit Manufactured in June 2010 - 1 in Stock

Gendex releases the newly designed Orthoralix® 8500 DDE digital panoramic with added features, a sleek modern design, plus continued affordability!

Gendex's  new Orthoralix 8500 DDE digital panoramic system with better diagnostics in panoramic imaging begins with recognition of critical aspects of the patient’s anatomy, especially focal areas. With the new 8500, focal detection is made possible by KINEMAGIC™ Articulated Motion Technology. This morphology-tracing feature precisely follows the patient’s focal trough to ensure constant focus across the image. The result is a highly diagnostic image with consistent magnification.

Images from the new 8500 DDE are clear and sharp due in part to AEC—Automatic Exposure Control, which detects the best radiographic exposure for a specific area as the x-ray is taken, yielding an image with optimum contrast. Utilizing the industry’s smallest focal spot of 0.4mm also adds to the delivery of greater image quality.

Along with child and adult pan projections, Gendex added TMJ imaging to the new panoramic system. Both frontal and lateral TMJ projections are easy to capture. Plus these new views add to the system’s value allowing dentists to take images that otherwise may be referred out.

Based on the premise that better diagnostics in panoramic imaging begin with optimal recognition of critical aspects of patient anatomy, the Orthoralix 8500 DDE couples state-of-the-art CCD sensor technology with the latest software processing algorithms. Together, they optimize image capture and produce quality radiographs that more accurately represent critical anatomies.


Focal detection is made possible with KINEMAGIC articulated motion technology, a morphology-tracing feature that precisely follows the patient's focal trough. Once the patient is accurately positioned, multimotorized arm rotation allows the x-ray generator to maneuver in a sophisticated path, ensuring constant focus across the image and producing a more precise reproduction of the entire dentomaxillofacial region.

Magnification is kept constant throughout exposure, producing highly diagnostic images with minimal distortion. Image quality is further enhanced with the industry's smallest focal spot size of 0.4 mm, which creates sharp detail in the panoramic radiograph.


The Orthoralix 8500 DDE's triple laser beam positioning guides enhance both ease of use and imaging consistency. User-friendly lever-actuated temple supports and improved bite guides help to ensure and improve patient stability for more consistent imaging and enhanced patient comfort.

Designed to be both easy to use and easy to integrate, the Orthoralix 8500 DDE features a small footprint and motorized telescopic column, both of which facilitate placement of the system where it's needed, even when space is at a premium. Built-in LAN connectivity enables out-of-the-box hook up to the practice's network, eliminating the need to install a pan-dedicated network card. This provides instant access to images from any networked PC in the practice, saving time while increasing efficiency and productivity.

Latest Technology

Articulated kinematics and precise morphology following
Motorized telescopic column making the unit extremely compact
Digital CCD sensor captures high-quality images

Enhanced Image Quality

Latest software processing algorithms for clear radiographs
Industry’s smallest focal spot of 0.4 mm produces ultra-sharp images
KINEMAGIC Articulated Motion Technology
Easy To Use — Easy To Integrate
Triple laser beam guides for highest positioning accuracy
Built-in LAN connectivity allows access to images from every PC on the practice network
Compact footprint to fit into any practice


91 1/2 " H x 38 1/2 " W x 49 1/2" D

Weighs 245 pounds

230AC or 120V

60-80 Hz