Gendex Orthoralix 9200 DDE Panoramic & Cephalometric Dental X-Ray *Refurbished*

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GENDEX 9200 DDE (PANOREX + CEPH) Manufactured 12/2009

*Includes a FREE 2nd Sensor - This is a $5,000 Value

Accurate patient positioning:

The patient positioning procedure, using an efficient triple laser beam system and a fully motorized and highly accurate positioning mechanism, assures maximum precision in patient positioning, even under the most difficult conditions. Required operator intervention is reduced to a minimum, with the patient stationary in a comfortable standing position.

All the positioning tools combine simplicity, reliability and accuracy. Special tools are provided for more complex projections, such as the Transcan and TMJ Programs.

Operator flexibility:

Three technical factor setting modes are available to ensure complete operator flexibility. Manual mode for total operation control; use of preset technical factors, (each customizable by the operator) and the AEC mode (Automatic Exposure Control).

The correct choice of technical factors is now even easier with the AEC.

Real time correction:

Relevant patient morphology APR, (Automatic Profile Recognition), is automatically recognized through an advanced electronic sensor, thus making real-time correction to ensure optimum balance between contrast and image blackening.

This important feature is also available for all cephalometric projections.

Enhanced control panel:

The easy to read, microprocessor enhanced control panel combines simple and logical graphic indications and an LCD display to show the used technical factors (kV, mA, s) and positioning references (mm) for the maximum exam reproducibility. The ergonomic design makes cleaning easy and effective.

Basic Panoramic Radiology Programs:

Standard panoramic projection: This is the most common routine examination reproducing the whole dento-maxillofacial region including the temporomandibular joints (TMJs), and rendering the best compromise between deviation from ideal orthogonality, depth of the focal trough and artifact suppression.

Child projection: The specific trajectories of the overhead movement guarantee a perfect adaptation to the child’s morphology. Though still covering the whole maxillofacial complex, including TMJs, the occurrences of the X-rays has a minimum deviation with respect to true orthogonality with practically no overlapping of crowns in the premolar region.

Orthogonal dentition: The optimized imaging geometry presents a sharp and undistorted view, limited to the dentition. Orthoralix® 9200 Series Basic panoramic radiology programs

Orthogonal half-panoramic: This view, geometrically different than the standard panoramic and with performance similar to the orthogonal dentition, ensures maximum patient dose reduction, artifact suppression and is free of redundant shadows from the spinal cord.

Lateral views of the TMJ: Projections along the major condylar axes are produced for an accurate examination of the base and section of each joint. Both open or closed mouth views are possible, and can be shown on the same film.


Specially developed programs verify preset technical factors and are automatically corrected according to patient morphology during exposure.

Following views are possible: Latero-Lateral (LL) Antero-Posterior (AP) Postero-Anterior (PA) Submento-Vertex (SV) Carpo

Common magnification factor is for all projections 1.1.

For the latero-lateral view a special precision soft tissue filter is supplied, which easily adapts to any patient’s facial profile.

Digital Solutions:

With a long tradition of innovation, Gendex offers more choices in digital imaging solutions.

With the introduction of the new digital panoramic system using the latest generation CCD sensor, the Orthoralix family is now complete. The Orthoralix 9200 DDE is easily connected to a computer through a cable and the image is instantly available on the monitor screen.

All panoramic and dentomaxillofacial projections are captured in real time for immediate patient positioning control.

Technical Specifications:
Power supply voltage: 115 - 250 Vac, ± 10%
Frequency: 50 / 60 Hz ± 2 Hz
Max. line power rating: 10A at 250V, 15A at 115V
Anode voltage:  60-84 kV
Anode current: 3-15 mA
Duty factor: 1:20 at full power operation
Focal spot: 0.5 according with IEC 336 (1993)
Pixel size: 48μm
Resolution: 10.4 lp/mm
Active area PAN sensor: 146x6 mm
Active area CEPH sensor: 220x6 mm
Image size: 1536x2725 pixel (PAN)   -  2304x2529 pixel (CEPH – MAX)
PC Requirements:
CPU: Pentium II, 400 MHz or superior
RAM: 256 MB minimum
Operating system: Windows 98/2000/XP