Instrumentarium OP30 Panorex Xray *Refurbished*

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The Instrumenatarium Orthopantomograph OP30 provides basic, high quality 2D panoramic imaging - including bitewings

Manufactured Year: 2010

The quality of images is a result of many elements, such as carefully designed features, sufficient technical characteristics and correct patient positioning. ORTHOPANTOMOGRAPH® OP30 combines all these for your benefit and provides you with perfect images.


Stable 5- point patient positioning
Optimal imaging geometry
Adjustable anterior layer position with 3 positioning lights
High frequency tube head design
High resolution CCD imaging sensor
V-shaped collimation optimizes image quality
Versatile software tools to enhance diagnostic capabilities

OP30 by Instrumentarium delivers basic panoramic images including standard, pediatric, TMJ and bitewings.

Instrumentarium OP30 features a bitewing-like view for a quick and easy alternative to intraoral bitewing X-rays.

Instrumentarium OP30 features a pediatric panoramic imaging program with a reduced imaging area for pediatric and small patients.

The small footprint of the Instrumentarium OP30 makes it a perfect fit into almost any practice setting.

Instrumentarium OP30 is an affordable way to introduce digital panoramic x-ray to any practice.

Images captured with Instrumentarium OP30 can be easily integrated into almost any imaging software.

It could not be easier

Just 2 selections need to be made from the control panel.

1. Choose the imaging program
2. Use the pre-set kV valuaces or adjust, if needed
Straightforward operation makes panoramic imaging fast and easy. An integrated 5.7 inch touch screen with remarkably user-friendly navigation is extremely simple to use.

Patient positioning

The 5-point, easy patient positioning system holds the patient still during the imaging procedure to reduce movement artifacts. Three laser positioning lights make positioning accurate. The sharp layer is easily adjustable for every patient.


ACTUAL DIMENSIONS: 32.7"(W) x 47.1"(D) x 92.1"(H)

Generator: High frequency DC, operating frequency 100–130 kHz
X-ray tube:  D-054 SB or equivalent
Focal spot:  0.5 mm IEC 60336/1993
Filtration:  min 2.8 mm Al
Tube voltage:  66–77 kV
Tube current:  9/10 mA (tube current 9 mA when nominal voltage 100/115 VAC is used)
Nominal voltage:  100/115 VAC or 220/230/240 VAC 50/60 Hz
Weight:  120 kg
Sensor pixel size:  48 µm
Image pixel size:  96 µm
Image field height:  147 mm
PC minimum requirements for image capturing: Pentium 1 Ghz or equivalent, 512 Mb, 40 Gb

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