Belmont Bel-Cypher N Digital Panoramic X-Ray System *Refurbished*

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The Belmont Bel-Cypher N Digital Panoramic X-Ray System Includes Free Standing Base for X-Ray Column

Manufactured Year: 2011


Simple to use, the Bel-Cypher N digital X-ray system produces outstanding Panoramic, TMJ and Bitewing images. 

The Bel-Cypher N provides clear images and offers excellent operability. When aligning the positioning beams on a patient, Bel-Cypher N automatically positions itself with the beams. Bel-Cypher N is capable of smooth exposure without compelling the patient to stand in an unnatural posture. After exposure, the x-ray image of the patient is displayed on a PC monitor in real time.
- Bel-Cypher N images do not need to be digitally enhanced to obtain sharp images. The high resolution sensor and software produces crisp, clear images even with less than ideal patient positioning.
- The special "Panoramic Bitewing" view allows for interproximal caries detection not normally available from a typical pan view, especially useful for difficult patients.


Produces Bitewing, Panoramic, and Lateral 4 TMJ images
Simple to use
Sharp images can be obtained, even with mild positioning errors
Smooth X-ray head height adjustment with one-touch release
High resolution Adult and Child panoramic, TMJ and Bitewing images
Fast exposure time - only 10 seconds pan, 4.6 Seconds BW
High frequency x-ray generator minimizes patient exposure to radiation
60-80kVp system, adjustable in 1kV increments
0.5mm x 0.5mm focal spot produces excellent image clarity
Quick and Easy push button patient positioning controls
3 bright laser beams make patient positioning extremely easy and accurate
Easy to use control panel display in computer monitor
State of the art, self adjusting high resolution CCD sensor


Power Voltage AC 110/120/220/230/240V 50/60Hz
Power capacity 1.5kW
H.T.Generator High frequency Inverter (100kHz)
X-ray Tube Voltage 60kV-80kV (1kV step)
X-ray Tube Current 2 to 8mA (1mA step)
X-ray Tube D-052SB (Toshiba)
X-ray Tube Focus 0.5 x 0.5mm
Total Filtration 2.5mmAI (minimum)
Interface Ethernet 1000 Base-T
Patient Positioning Beam 3 Laser beams(Focus, Median, Frankfort)
Sensor Specifications
Color depth :14bit
Static resolution :4.5 line pairs per mm
Exposure Mode
Panoramic (Adult and Child)
Panoramic Bitewing (Adult and Child)
TMJ Lateral 4 sections
Exposure Time
Panoramic :10sec
Panoramic Bitewing :4.6sec (both sides)
TMJ 4 sections :2.5sec(x4)
Panoramic :1.2 to 1.3
Panoramic Bitewing :1.2 to 1.3
TMJ lateral 4 sections :1.2
Positioning tools
Panoramic :Bite Piece and Head Holding Rod
TMJ :Ear Rod
Patient Positioning Beam 3 Laser beams(Focus, Median, Frankfort)
Weight 364lb with free standing base Base Adds Approx 30 lbs to Unit