Schick CDR PanElite Digital Panoramic X-Ray *Refurbished*

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Performs standard views (jaw area), sinus views (maxillary sinuses) and temporomandibular joint views using digital imaging technology.

Unit Manufactured: May 2008

Digital panoramic imaging, designed for enhanced image qualiy, flexibility and functionality.
High quality extra-oral imaging combined with simple operation can easily be integrated into any dental practice.
Superior patient positioning system provides clear, crisp, clinically diagnostic images.
Eight panoramic imaging modes for all of your diagnostic needs.
Superior vertical travel allows proper positioning for patients of virtually any height, including those in wheelchairs.
Laser alignment beams enable more concise patient positioning.
Pan model can be upgraded to cephalometric imaging at any time (Ceph Not included)
Increases practice economic efficiency by eliminating costly film and processing expense.
Seamlessly integrates with world leading CDR intraoral sensors and software.

Designed to produce optimal images with every exposure
Four point patient positioning for panoramic imaging insures patient stability.
Intuitive control panel design improves workflow and streamlines set-up time.
Automatic control of exposure provides optimized anterior imaging.
Specific orbits and projection angles are employed to aid in diagnosis
External controller included for operator convenience in a remote location.

  • X-ray generator  Miltipulse 
  • 220 Volts
  • Focal spot size  0.5 mm
  • Anode voltage  60 - 90 kV
  • Anode current  3 - 16 mA
  • Electrical safety class  Class I, Type B
  • Computer interface  Ethernet
  • Projections  Adult, Pedo, LH, RH, TMJ Open and Closed, Maxillary Sinuses
  • 1.25x Constant Magnification
  • Posterior Multislice
  • Patient positioning     3-point headrest, laser alignment, bite block, chin rest
  • Acquisition time     14.1 s (P1)
  • Footprint     1,280 x 1,409.7 mm

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