A/T ScanX Ortho Dental Digital Imaging System Part No. F3750 *Refurbished*

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Air Techniques ScanX Digital Imaging System with In-Line Eraser

is capable of processing both intraoral and extraoral imaging plates 

Model F3705 - Manufactured Sept 2014 - SN: 050995 (images are of exact system for sale)

ScanX is a self-contained digital imaging scanner/eraser system that utilizes reusable photostimulable or Phosphor Storage Plates (PSP) in place of X-ray film to produce quality digital radiographs. The PSPs are durable and reusable thousands of times. Upon exposure to X-rays, the plate stores a latent image, which is scanned by the ScanX. After scanning, the image is processed via the user-supplied computer running authorized software and ready for viewing in seconds. In addition to immediate display of the resultant images, the software allows image enhancement processing, storage (hard drive or CD), and sharing/retrieval.

An additional feature of ScanX includes a patented in-line plate erase function that removes the latent image from the plate immediately after scanning. This design provides an efficient one-operation scanning and erasing process leaving the user with a PSP ready for the next X-ray procedure.


 High resolution digital images in seconds. 
 Share results anywhere, anytime. 
 Lightweight extruded aluminum frame resists dents. 
 Patented, built-in eraser with manual or auto erase function. 
 Works with a wide range of X-ray sources. 
 Adjustable settings for optimum dynamic range. 
 Sturdy, isolating/damping feet eliminate potential image quality issues due to vibration.

Dimensions: 15.5"L x 15.5"W x 24.5"H
Weight: 51 pounds
Resolution: Up to 18 lp/mm (900 dpi) Depending on scanning mode/pixel size selected
Ports: USB
Scanning: 4-tracks
Track/PSP: Phosphor Storage Plates
Sizes: Intraoral sizes 0, 1, 2, 3 ,4
          Panoramic sizes 5" x 12" and 6" x 12"
          Cephalometeric size 8" x 10"
          TMJ size 5" x 7"
System Includes:

  • Main Assembly ScanX Ortho, P/N F3750
  • 1X - A/T Pan/Ceph phosphor imaging plate (new, never used)
  • 3X - A/T Size 2 ScanX intraoral phosphor imaging plates (new, never used)
  • 2X - A/T Size 1 ScanX intraoral phosphor imaging plates (new, never used)
  • 24 VDC Power Supply Adapter (B7095)
  • 10-Foot Power Cord (77243)
  • 6-Foot 2.0 USB Cable (D5226)
  • Plate Guides Size 0=QTY 1, Size 1=QTY 1, Size 2=QTY 4, Size 3=QTY 1
  • Exit side Plate Supports
  • 1 Intraoral Plate Transfer Box
  • Sensor Sleeves
  • Standard Cleaning Sheets (20x)
  • Phosphor Plate Cleaning Wipes
  • CD Disk Containing Drivers & Utilities & Operators Manual, Part # F3155 

         *  FREE Barrier Envelolpes: Sizes 1 & 2

Operating System:

Windows XP Professional with Service Pack 3 or later for an Intel 32-bit processor; 
Microsoft Windows XP Professional 64-bit Edition with Service Pack 2 or later for an Intel 64-bit extended (x64) processor; 
Microsoft Windows Vista Business, Enterprise, or Ultimate with Service Pack 2 or later for an Intel 32-bit or an Intel 64-bit extended (x64) processor; 
Microsoft Windows 7 Professional, Enterprise, or Ultimate with Service Pack 1 for an Intel 32-bit or an Intel 64-bit extended (x64) processor; or 
Microsoft Windows 8.1 Professional or Enterprise for an Intel 32-bit or an Intel 64-bit extended (x64) processor. 
USB 2.0 or later 
200 MB available disk space required to start scanning.  
Device capable of reading a CD-ROM required