Apex Locator & Diagnostic Unit ApexID by SybronEndo *Refurbished*

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Apex ID is an electronic apex locator designed using a user-set zero point and continuous calibration. Apex ID Digital Apex Locator is a remarkably compact unit that always calibrates to offer secure readings and apparent audio-visual cues.

The Apex ID digital apex locator looks like an iPhone® even in its own dimensions. Unlike most of the contest, the Apex ID delivers precise readings in almost any canal condition and it might be set at a personalized length to match the canal.

Features & Benefits:

  • Sybron Endo Apex ID® Digital Apex Locator And Accessories is an incredibly compact unit that continually calibrates.
  • Zero point customizing based on your clinical judgement.
    • Customize the “zero point” based on your initial clinical judgement.
    • No need to constantly monitor the visual display, the audible signal will let you know when you’ve reached your preferred zero point.
  • Accurate readings in almost any canal condition.
    • Apex ID has been designed to work in almost any canal condition.
    • Whether dry, wet, bleeding, filled with saline, EDTA, NaOCl, chlorhexidine, the Apex ID can still provide accurate, consistent and dependable readings.
  • Continuous calibration for uninterrupted readings in real time.
  • Digital Apex Locator Includes:
  • (1) Apex ID Apex Locator
  • (1) Apex ID Stand
  • (5) Lip Hooks
  • (2) File Holder B
  • (1) File Holder A
  • (1) Probe Cord
  • (3) AAA 1.5V Batteries


  • To provide stable readings and clear audio-visual cues.