Velscope V1 Dental Oral Cancer Screening System *Refurbished*

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Velscope is a hand held device that provides a system for the early detection of a wide variety of oral diseases including pre-cancer and cancer.

It is a FDA approved hand held device that is used in conjunction with an oral soft tissue exam and works through tissue fluorescence.

This is an optical phenomenon that causes abnormal tissue to appear a different color.

Potential areas of concern will show a marked lack of fluorescence, appearing dark when viewed against the healthy tissue.

The incidence of oral cancer is on the rise (more than 34000 Americans will be diagnosed this year) and when found in the early stages of development there is an 80-90% survivor rate.


How Does the VELscope Work?

The VELscope's blue light "excites" molecules (called "fluorophores") deep within the layers of oral mucosal tissues. In turn, those fluorophores emit their own light (fluorescence), in shades of green, yellow and red. The VELscope's proprietary filter makes fluorescence visualization possible, by blocking reflected blue light, and by enhancing the contrast between normal and abnormal tissue.

Your System Includes:

  • Velscope V1 Cancer Screening Unit
  • Power Cord
  • Hand Held Screening Wand
  • 1 Safety Goggle/Glasses
  • 1 Training DVD
  • 150 Disposable Handpiece/Wand Caps
  • 1 Box (100 count) Disposable Check Retractors / Measurement Guide *Box is opened and a few may be removed
  • 3 Boxes (250 count) Disposable Handpiece Asepsis Barriers  *Boxes are opened and a few may be removed