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Flowmeter System Mobile Tall Stand with 4 Cylinder Yoke Block *Refurbished*
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Flowmeter System Mobile Tall Stand with 4 Cylinder Yoke Block *Refurbished*
SKU: 1012
Original Price: $3,295.00
Sale Price: $2,795.00
Warranty: 1 Year Parts, 90 Days Labor
Quantity In Stock: 1


(1) Refurbished MATRX MDM Flowmeter Head / Fraser (MANU 8/2006)

(1) MATRX 4-Head Yoke

(2) DISS Hoses

(1) Cylinder Wrench

(1) Refurbished Matrx Tall Mobile Stand 50” max 40” min

(1) Brand New Scavenger Rubber Goods with Standard Adult Hood

* Tanks NOT Included

Featuring the patented Matrx "Auto-Compensation" flow and percentage feature - the MDM is the only analog display flowmeter that automatically maintains flow rate when the percentage flow is adjusted (and vice versa).

For offices preferring an at-your-side vertical flowmeter – easy view of glass indicator tubes. The perfect solution for offices that require low flow rates for their patients.

Single knob flow control and oxygen percentage dial allow for easy 2-step operation, and accurate delivery. Oxygen flush button conveniently located for easy access.

Product Features:

• Oxygen fail-safe
• Minimum concentration of 30% oxygen • Automatic air intake valve
• Non-rebreathing circuit
• Auxiliary oxygen outlet
• D.I.S.S. gas connections
• Oxygen flush
• Five-leg base
• Flow Auto-Compensation
• Mixture percentage Auto-Compensation • Built-in pressure or flow compensation 


Head Dimensions: (H x W x D)

9.75"(24.8cm) x 5"(12.7cm) x 12.5"(31.8cm)

Portable Stand Dimensions: Overall Height 

54"(137.2cm) max. - 44"(111.8cm) min.

Weight of Mixer Head

7 lbs. (3.2kg)

Mixed Gas Outlet Diameter

15mm ID / 22mm OD nominal

Oxygen Inlet

Male DISS (CGA-1240)

Nitrous Oxide Inlet

Male DISS (CGA-1040)

Inlet Pressure (Each Gas)

50-55 psi

Oxygen Mix Ratio Range

30% - 100%

Oxygen Flow Range

1 - 10 lpm

Nitrous Oxide Flow Range

1 - 10 lpm