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Syrijet Mark II Needleless Injector *Refurbished*
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Syrijet Mark II Needleless Injector *Refurbished*
SKU: 1274
List Price: $2,495.00
Original Price: $1,295.00
Sale Price: $1,095.00
Your Savings: $1,400.00
Warranty: 90 Days Parts

Professionally Refurbished by Manufacturer

Syrijet Mark II Needleless Injector by MIZZY is a precision instrument designed for simple, reliable operation. Saves time and effort, eliminates unnecessary patient discomfort and needle apprehension. If used as prescribed and cared for routinely, it will give you and your patients years of satisfaction.

Syrijet provides operative & surgical anesthesia for:
- Cavity preparation in upper and lower anterior teeth
- Crown and bridge preparation

- All permanent upper and most lower anterior teeth
- All deciduous teeth
- Deep scaling
- Flap removal
- Gingivectomy
- Excision of soft tissue lesions (fibroma, papilloma, etc.)
- Incision and drainage
- Placement or removal of sutures
- Revision of hypertrophic tissue
- Reduction of tuberosity
- Excision of mucous retention cyst (lip)
- Tissue biopsies
- Curettage
- Copper band impressions
- Cord retractions
- Post-op removal of bone
- Application of arch bars and ligature wires

Syrijet sub-topical anesthesia for painless needle insertions such as:
- Posterior superior alveolar nerve block
- Inferior alveolar nerve block
- Pre-IV needle insertion

*Our Handpieces Are Professionally Refurbished. They Are Previously Used and May Have Scratches and/or Markings