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Electrosurge Parkell Sensimatic 600SE *Refurbished*
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Electrosurge Parkell Sensimatic 600SE *Refurbished*
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Electrosurge - Parkell Sensimatic 600SE

Device Description: The Sensimatic Model 600SE is a solid state dental electrosurgery unit. It features a low impedance, high frequency output not commonly found in electrosurgery units with tube circuitry. Once set for the case at hand, the device adjusts automatically during the procedure to compensate for different resistance loads encountered at the operative site.

Intended use/indications: Model 600SE is useful in oral surgery, periodontia, orthodontia, endodontia, prostho dontia, operative and crown and bridge procedures.

From the dozens of uses cited in current literature, we indicate some areas where elec trosurgery has proven useful in the practice of general dentistry.

For impression taking, to gain access to margins of prepared teeth or to remove inter proximal tissue

To extend the clinical height of crowns n Gingivectomy n Removal of pericoronal tissue on 3rd molars n Biopsy (bloodless)

To reduce and remove swollen and hypertrophied gum tissue around the necks of teeth, to gain better access and visibility

To plane tissue of edentulous region prior to making impressions for prosthodontics

To coagulate bleeding prior to cementation procedures

To remove excess flabby tissue or tissue tabs

To incise, excise, drain or coagulate minor periodontal conditions

To uncover unerupted teeth

For surgery with antisepsis and hemostasis

Size/Weight: 3"H x 6-1/2"D x 11"W

8.24 lbs.

Power Output: 70 watts

Your Unit Includes:

  • 600SE Electrosurgery Unit
  • Surgical Handpiece and Cable
  • Patient Indifferent Plate and Cable
  • Footswitch and Cable
  • Power Cord