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KaVo INTRAmatic 23ES Contra-Angle Multiplier with External Spray *Refurbished*
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KaVo INTRAmatic 23ES Contra-Angle Multiplier with External Spray *Refurbished*
SKU: 1514
Original Price: $895.00
Sale Price: $695.00
Warranty: 90 Days Parts & Labor

KaVo INTRAmatic 23 ES Handpiece

This is a KaVo product, which is used for the purpose of drilling. The drill shaft is of 1.6 mm diameter. It is featured with a pushbutton chuck and provides with a perfect grip at all times. The hygienic surface makes it extremely safe to be used and this is greatly used in dental field.

The INTRAmatic-ES: Simple, Safe and Clean

Kavo's The INTRAmatic-ES handpieces are uniquely designed to fit perfectly in the hands of the user and it comes with a pushbutton chuck to regulate its operations.

The features of The INTRAmatic-ES include the following:

It is designed with a hygienic surface which resists dust accumulation due to its build
It is equipped with a standard pushbutton chuck
The instrument can be sterilized and disinfected after use
It works at a Max. Of 40,000 rpm min-1
ID 1 red ring
It is fitted with an external spray feature
It is designed for use with burs that have a 2.35mm bur shaft diameter
Mat.-Nr. 1.003.4830
Speed transmission 1:3.3
Milling cutters or grinders ISO 1797-1 type 3

*Our Handpieces Are Professionally Refurbished. They Are Previously Used and May Have Scratches and/or Markings