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KaVo INTRAcompact 25 LCR Contra Angle Handpiece *New*
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KaVo INTRAcompact 25 LCR Contra Angle Handpiece *New*
SKU: 1576
List Price: $1,100.00
Original Price: $649.00
Sale Price: $549.00
Your Savings: $551.00
Warranty: 90 Days Parts & Labor

KaVo INTRAcompact 25LCR Contra Angle Handpiece

Standard Push Button Head (Bur NOT Included)

Can be mounted on all INTRAmatic (LUX) Motors

INTRAcompact 25 LCR (1:5)

Drive speed: Max 40,000 rpm

Max Speed: 2000,000 min

Premium Collection: Superior KaVo performance for removal of carious material, cavities,and crowm preparations, removal os=f fillings, processing of tooth and restoraton surfaces,

The Premium Collection features a KaVo Knurling grip, quality stainless steel construction and advanced hygienic solutions.

Powerful, smooth and quiet, it provides superior KaVo performance even in difficult-to-access areas. The standard head is ideal for gross reduction and crown and bridge work 

Lengthy procedures are easier with the KaVo tested hygiene grip.

Seamless stainless steel construction without nuts, bolts or surface joints makes for a cleaner, healthier environment - perfect for the entire practice.

All INTRAcompact instruments can be thermally disinfected, sterilized in autoclaves at temperatures of up to 275°F and can also be washed in a thermodisinfector.