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Soredex CRANEX Novus e Digital X-ray *Refurbished*
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Soredex CRANEX Novus e Digital X-ray *Refurbished*
SKU: 1716
Original Price: $24,995.00
Sale Price: $19,995.00
Warranty: 1 Year Parts, 90 Days Labor

Soredex CRANEX Novus e Digital Dental X-ray System

Manufactured 2007

Designed for dental offices that demand a first-class digital panoramic unit at an affordable price, the CRANEX Novus e is a fast and easy-to-use digital X-ray system.

• Excellent image quality – Wider range of tube head output and easier program selection with the ClearTouch™ control panel
• 5-point patient stabilization system –
Guaranteed accurate and stable
patient positioning
• 9-second adult panoramic exposure time – Exposure minimizes patient dose and reduces the potential for movement artifacts
• Easy program settings – Offers preferences for wide range of image filtering and grayscale settings
• Computer networking – Multi-connect functionality of CRANEX Novus e enables direct connection to unit from multiple treatment rooms with its simple-to-use ethernet connection to your PC or network

Technical Data:

Generator - High frequency DC generator
Focal spot - size 0.5 mm
Minimum total filtration - 2 mm Al
Anode voltage - 60/70 kV
Anode current - 7 mA
Line voltage - 230/240 Vac ±10%/115 Vac (50/60 HZ)
Electrical safety classification - IEC 60601-1 class 1/B
Sensor - CCD
Active sensor surface - 147.5 x 6.1 mm
Sensor pixel size - 48 μm
Image pixel size - 96 μm
Image resolution - 6.25 lp/mm
Image field height - 147 mm
File size max: 9.5 MB
PC connection - LAN/Ethernet
Exposure time - 9 s adult, 8 s child panoramic
Weight - 220 lbs
Workstation Specifications
Operating System Windows 7, Windows Vista , Windows XP Professional

Price Does Not Include Delivery or Installation