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Schick CDR PanX Digital Panoramic X-Ray *Refurbished*
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Schick CDR PanX Digital Panoramic X-Ray *Refurbished*
SKU: 1722
Original Price: $23995.00
Sale Price: $18995.00
Warranty: 1 Year Parts, 90 Days Labor

Schick CDR PanX Digital Panoramic X Ray

CDR PanX is a digital panoramic X-ray device, representing the latest technology in dental panoramic X-ray equipment. CDRPanX performs panoramic examinations for adults, children, left side of dentition, right side of dentition, anterior part of dentition, TMJ, mouth open and closed, and anterior view of nasal (maxillary) sinuses.

CDR PanX was designed to provide both optimal patient positioning and outstanding image quality.

Utilizing Schick's proven cdr digital imaging technology, CDR PanX provides sharp, clear, clinically precise images in only 19 seconds.

It features 8 different imaging modes and 3 laser alignment beams for optimal exposures while its superior vertical travel allows it to be used easily and accurately with patients of any height, including those in wheelchairs.

The perfect complement to offices that use digital intraoral sensors, this advanced system integrates seamlessly with your practice management system.

Plus, by eliminating the need for expensive panoramic film, darkroom and processing chemicals, the use of CDR PanX will help you realize both time and cost efficiencies

Indications for Use
CDR PanX is intended for individuals requiring extra-oral dental exams. It exposes and acquires radiographic images at the dento-maxillofacial region

Generator: Multipulse DC
X-Ray Tube: OCX105
Focal spot size: 0.5 IEC 336
Minimum total filtration: 2.5 mm Al
Anode Voltage: 60-86kV (2kV increments)
Anode Current: 4, 5, 6.3, 8, and 10mA
Exposure time: 19s - adult panoramic
Power Supply: 115V, 50/60Hz
Fusing: T8A
Weight: 474lbs
Electrical Safety Classification: Class 1, type B
Imaging modes (Exposure times): adult (19s), child (15s), left half (10s), right half (10s), anterior (8s), TMJ opened and closed (4x4s), frontal sinuses (8s)
Patient Positioning: 3 laser alignment beams (mid-sagittal, Frankfort, focal trough) bite guide, chin rest, optional temple support

Price Does Not Include Delivery or Installation