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Position Indicating Device Belmont *New*
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Position Indicating Device Belmont *New*
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Brand New ROUND After Market X-ray Position Indicating Devices for:

- Belmont 70kvp, 071, 071A, or Combx 907

Round, Open End, Lead Lined Dental X-ray Position Indicating Devices, Nose Cones, or Apertures, that are used in Dental Radiographic Examinations.

* Each Cone is White in Color Exactly as depicted in Images

Why use a shielded PID?


A shielded PID will reduce secondary or scatter radiation. Secondary radiation must be considered when taking X-rays. The scattered radiation will create a loss of contrast and definition. Secondary radiation comes from radiation exiting the side of the PID, bouncing off other hard tissue, and back to the film. This scatter radiation will reduce the diagnostic quality of an x-ray.

Federal and most State laws require a shielded PID. For maximum protection from x-radiation exposure, Margraf Dental PIDs (open end lead-lined cone) are designed to exceed all federal and state requirements.

A shielded PID reduces the area of the patient's tissue that is exposed to radiation.
Margraf Dental PIDs (open end lead-lined cones) are available for nearly all makes and models of dental x-ray units whether new or old.

Available in three lengths:

The SHORT PID (8" Source-to-Skin Distance) 2 1/2" TUBE Length is for the bisecting angle technique, or the standard practice of the profession
The INTERMEDIATE PID (12" Source-to-Skin Distance) 5 1/2" TUBE Length is used where operatory space is limited and the LONG CONE technique is desired.
The LONG PID (14" Source-to-Skin Distance) 8" TUBE Length is for the Long Cone Paralleling technique, or where undistorted x-rays are desired.