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Impression Material Mixer and Dispenser Renfert *New*
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Impression Material Mixer and Dispenser Renfert *New*
SKU: 1908
List Price: $1,750.00
Original Price: $1,250.00
Sale Price: $1,150.00
Your Savings: $600.00
Warranty: 1 Year Parts, 90 Days Labor
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SYMPRESS - a device for automatic mixing facilitates the mixing of two-component impression materials and administration of weight on the impression tray.
To work with the device SYMPRESS are dedicated Impression Materials cartridges 5: 1 or plastic bags, regardless of manufacturer applied impression material.

The drive shaft of the mixer allows the use of dynamic mixing tip hexagonal connector.
Indicator impression material automatically pulls the plunger to start position / output, allowing quick replacement cartridges.

5:1 cartridges or foil bags in cartridge holders from different manufacturers can be used in the unit. The mixer spindle allows the use of dynamic mixing tips with a hexagonal connection. A material sensor automatically retracts the plunger to the start position so that the cartridges can be exchanged quickly.

- Select the speed of mixing and filling material for impression trays and syringes
- Automatic mixing
- Auto Reverse when replacing the dispenser
- Legible control panel
- Quick preparation (mixing) of impression material
- No busy mixing by hand, especially troublesome in the case of harder materials
- Space-saving
- The purity of the working area - impression material is no splashing, no dirty surfaces, clothes personnel
- Intuitive ease of use

The device has a number of safeguards:
- An inability to start mixing with the lid open
- Level indicator
- No possibility of injury when handling

Technical parameters:
Power - 170W
The rate of filling bucket - 32 s / spoon
The rate of filling of the syringe - 5 s / Syringe
The inflation performance tablespoons - 75 ml / min
Filling capacity syringes - 47 ml / min
Dimensions - 350 x 210 x 425mm
Weight (without impression material) - 7 kg