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Obturator Oven GUTACORE by Dentsply Model HTR-GC *Refurbished*
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Obturator Oven GUTACORE by Dentsply Model HTR-GC *Refurbished*
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Obturator Oven GUTACORE by Dentsply Model HTR-GC

GuttaCore Obturator Ovens are specifically developed for heating GuttaCore endodontic obturators for use in root canal therapy.

3-Dimensional Heat

Obturators are heated in seconds in single and dual heating modes. Three-dimensional heat is evenly maintained in the heating chamber until the obturator is ready to use, making it ideal for multi-canal procedures.

Slow Release Obturator Holders

Obturator holders are designed to allow stable vertical entry and exit of the heating chamber.

Indicator  Lights and Audible Alerts

The oven uses both LED indicator lights and audible alerts to indicate status changes.

Cleaning Mode

The cleaning mode raises the temperature of the oven and softens gutta-percha inside the heating chamber for removal.


GuttaCore Obturator Oven
Owners Manual


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