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Air Abrasion System Midwest AirTouch Single Chamber Unit *Refurbished*
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Air Abrasion System Midwest AirTouch Single Chamber Unit *Refurbished*
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Warranty: 1 Year Parts, 90 Days Labor
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The AirTouch is Dentsply/Midwest's top of the line air abrasion system.

Air abrasion provides an alternative to the high-speed handpiece for removing caries from tooth structure.

Indicated use is for sealants, Class I, Class II tunnel preparations, Class III, Class IV, root caries, removal of composite and stains, and porcelain repair.

Its advantages compared to traditional preparation procedures include: less invasive, more conservative treatment; reduced need for local anesthetic; earlier and more accurate diagnosis which reduces under- or over-treatment; reduction or elimination of vibration, chipping, and micro-fracturing; and immediate beveling of cavo surfaces.

The digital display membrane touch panel allows  user to regulate the air pressure (40 to 120 psi in 10-psi increments), cutting time (0.2 to 2.5 sec in 0.5-sec increments and continuous mode), powder size (27 or 50 microns), and includes a separate powder boost mode for increased powder flow when more powerful cutting is required.

A memory function allows recall of preferred pre-set pressure and cutting settings.

The Smart Digital Display provides continuous information and instructions on use and maintenance.

Handpiece nozzles are available in three different angulations (45°, 90°, and 120°) and three different orifice diameters (.015", .018", and .027") for increased versatility. The AirTouch Tower measures 35"H x 14"W x 17.5"D and weighs 130 pounds (compressor model) or 99 pounds (CO2 tank model). The unit is available in


Single Chamber Counter-Top Model

Air Source: Dental office air or bottled gas

For Use with 27- or 50-micron aluminum oxide powder

Autoclavable Handpiece / Tips: Yes

Pressure Range ( 40 – 120 psi ) in 10 psi increments

Adjustable Powder Flow: No manual adjustment; automatic adjustment (3.2 gm/min to 5gm/min depending on air pressure)

Size: 9.5”H x 11.5”W x 16” D

Weight: 25 lbs

Electrical 120v and 240v; UL listed, CSA certified

This System Includes:

Single Chamber Air Touch Air Abrasion Unit with Foot Pedal

9 Autoclavable Midwest Handpieces

4 – 45 ° Autoclavable  Handpiece Nozzles

7 – 90° Autoclavable  Handpiece Nozzles

3 – 120° Autoclavable  Handpiece Nozzles