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Electric Handpiece Motor Bien Air OPTIMA MX *Refurbished*
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Electric Handpiece Motor Bien Air OPTIMA MX *Refurbished*
SKU: 2330
Original Price: $795.00
Sale Price: $695.00
Warranty: 1 Year Parts, 90 Days Labor

Bien Air OPTIMA PS MX is Transportable

Includes: Control Unit with color display touch screen REF 1600459-00, Transformer REF 1500666, 4VX Hose, MX Sterilizable MicroMotor with Rotational speeds from 100 rpm to 40,000 rpm and Power Cord

MX System from Bien-Air covers most of the functions needed by the practitioner. Developed specially to simplify preparations and handling during operations in the mouth, it allows most prophylactic and restoration operations to be performed with only two contra-angles, while being a complete and reliable endodontics solution.

MX System offers maximum safety through full control of the following parameters:

• Bur torque (e.g. NiTi) with a limit value causing automatic reversal of the direction of rotation.

• Precise value of the time of rotation in the reverse direction, followed by return to the normal direction.

• In the event of accidental bur blocking, whatever the direction of rotation and speed, the current powering the motor has a limiting device to prevent overheating. The values of these "high precision" settings are adjustable.

High and Low Commom Functions:

Handpiece ratio to be selected from 5 values or programmed.

• 5 programs configured or to be adapted, with names or numbers.

• Adjustment of handpiece lighting, indicator of intensity on the screen.

• Selection of handpiece lighting function ON/OFF.

• Large-size display of programmed bur speed.

• Real speed of the bur indicated by a progress bar, blue for clockwise rotation, red for rotation in the reverse direction.

• Flashing lighting during rotation in the reverse direction.

• Adjustment of displayed bur speed -/+, plateau values related to the handpiece ratio.

High-Speed Functions:

• Selection of direction of rotation, when idle or in operation.

• Selection of ON/OFF or progressive mode, depending on the pedal.

Low-Speed Functions:

• Adjustment of bur torque, from 10% to 100% or in mNm.

• Selection of automatic reversal of the direction of rotation when the limit torque is reached.

• Selection of return to clockwise direction after an adjustable time-out.

• Manual selection of direction of rotation.

Touch-sensitive screen control, allowing fast and easy installation without modifying the unit. The existing pedal continues to control the motor. The OPTIMA MX system enables a fully air-driven unit to be upgraded to electric operation of the highest level very simply. The control unit, which offers functions replacing several conventional devices, is mounted or attached to the table or one of its sides. To preserve perfect legibility, the control unit’s inclination remains adjustable. The large coloured touch-sensitive screen is easy to use, as the symbols and indications are clear and precise, facilitating parameter selection and setting according to your own customised values. The OPTIMA MX system brings operating safety and comfort up to a very high level.