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Philips Oralix 70 Intra Oral X-Ray System *Refurbished*
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Philips Oralix 70 Intra Oral X-Ray System *Refurbished*
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List Price: $4995.00
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Warranty: 1 Year Parts, 90 Days Labor

The Philips Oralix 70 Dental X-Ray System offers strong mechanical construction and optimal image quality. The  patient positioning  is also accuarate and easy.

It is equipped with a control providing selection of technique (bisecting or parallel, occlusal or bitewing) and object (molars, premolars, cuspids, incisors, mandable or maxilla).

The exposure time is always indicated in the 7-segmant 3- digits LED Display and Audible buzzer.

The operator control of the exposure is performed via a handswitch connected with a cable.


  • Tube: 70 kVp
  • Exposure Time: 0.08 - 2.5 sec.
  • Focal Spot: 0.8 mm
  • Min. Filtration: 2.5 mm

Painted in DCI Grey Color (A Very, Very Light Grey)

The Basic Componets of the System Are:

  • Tubehead with 8" (20 cm) Cone: contains the x-ray tube and generator
  • Electronic Density Control: provides the interface, the control and safety functions, equipped with a handswitch
  • Folding Arm: carries the tubehead
  • Extension Arm (17.75"): extends the reach 
  • Wall Support: supports arm and tube head

Maximum Recommended Installed Height From Floor is 39" and 41" Clearance Above Installed Height